OT: Miracles You’ll See In The Next Fifty Years (Feb, 1950)

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  • what happened to the flying cars? weren't we supposed to get flying cars?
    • Flying cars? We got them but don't use them. Not flying cars, really, but the personal "helicopter" which is actually an autogyro, like "Little Nellie" in the James Bond films. They do work and aren't expensive to build and operate, and they're safer than ultralights (which we also now have) because if the lose power they land softly due to the action of the rotor, which works like a maple seed does. I've also heard of one model that was produced of a flying car- car body with a wing on top. I think I saw that on some History Channel show. And there was the boat/car. I've seen one of those drive up to the lake and into the water, so I know those were real.

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