The Vulgar Unicorn

public - created 06/01/05
Passing through the merchant area of Pennsic late one fog shrouded night you suddenly hear the faint sounds of music and voices. Curious, what could be happening up here where the nights are relatively still and quite? Should you check it out?

It doesn’t sound like a BIG party but you're intrigued enough to make your way through the narrow maze between stalls. The lights from the Chinese lanterns on the main thoroughfare cast odd and specter like shadows in the illuminated fog. As you round a dark corner, sliding by a cloaked figure going the other way, you see before you a tent lit from within. It's obviously open to all and as you slide the canvas flap aside and enter all eyes turn to you with welcoming looks.

Welcome to the Vulgar Unicorn, a virtual hangout for the people of Pennsic. A finer collection of miscreants, rogues and entertainers (along with Ladies & Gentlemen of culture) is not to be found anywhere else! RSS Feed what is XML?

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